The Anomaly Automatic Headboard

The Anomaly Automatic Headboard solves the handling problem of the square top mainsail. No longer do you have to remove the diagonal batten or unpin the headboard from the headboard carriage to furl the sail!

  • Fully automatic in operation when hoisting, reefing, or dropping: simply pull the halyard.

  • No extra friction over standard system.

  • Highly reliable and elegantly simple, built from hard anodized aluminum alloy and 316 SS.

  • Works with one or two part halyard systems.

  • Available for all popular Harken and Antal track systems, others on request.

  • Easy retrofit to existing sail and track.

  • Winner of the 2012 Sail Magazine Pittman Award for Innovation.

  • You Tube video of Anomaly Automatic Headboard in action.

For more information contact Glenn Cook, Doyle Sailmakers, (978)740-5950, or
email: jon AT anomalyEngineering DOT com
phone: seven-oh-seven-two-eight-seven-one-four-five-nine

Designed and built by Anomaly Engineering in the USA, distributed by Doyle Sailmakers, and protected by US Patent 8,161,898

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